Will Cummer

Location – Sechelt
Website – willofthewoods.com

I want to make beautiful useful things.

I have no quarrel with art for art’s sake, but for some reason I want the things I make to fit into people’s lives as beloved familiar objects. I want them to be handled, caressed, played with joyously, and passed down to the next generation.

If I make a piece of furniture, comfort is the first criterion that must be met. If a person can’t sit in one of my loveseats and read a book for an hour without discomfort, what’s the point!

I enjoy making things out of materials that others may pass by. I don’t like waste.

I feel that the strongest elements in my work are line, texture, and colour. I want my pieces to draw the eye and then entertain it.

I don’t care for artistic jargon, So, if you like my work, it’s simply because I have loved it first.


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