Anna Banana

Location – Roberts Creek
Website –

Anna Banana – Bananologist

Anna Banana, conceptual artist, performance artist, postal artist.

Through her interactive events, such as the Banana Olympics, Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas, and Mapping Banana Culture on the Sunshine Coast, (for example,) Dr. Anna Freud Banana of the Specific Research Institute, engages the public in banana-flavored creative acts/activities, giving each individual an active role in her work. Humor and public participation are the essential elements in her works, which demonstrate that everyone is creative, if given half the chance to exercise it.

Through her mail-art networking, she solicits banana news, artworks, cartoons, etc., which she presents back to those who exchange mail with her, in her newsletter, the Banana Rag, and which she presented in her retrospective as the Encyclopedia Bananica . . .  parody being her other trump card. Degrees of Bananology are presented for outstanding works, participation in events, etc.

Photos from ArtGalleryGreaterVictoria & OpenSpace exhibitions.

First speaker on the: Ex-Postal Facto Panel 2014 at San Francisco Public Library.

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