Bruce Edwards

Location – Roberts Creek
Website –

Bruce Edwards was born & raised in Canada. He attended Vancouver City College and the Vancouver School of Art. His mural and art instruction projects done with children and adults are extensive. Bruce has shown his artwork throughout the state of Washington as well as Alaska, Hawaii and British Columbia. He has had numerous private commissions, and been engaged in public art with elementary students.

Bruce also teaches two credit drawing classes at Seattle’s Frye Museum. Recent instruction has included small classes in his Roberts Creek Studio and Watercolor workshops at the Gibson’s Public Art Gallery. He teaches drawing at GPAG summer workshops for children.

Creating art is something I try not to take for granted. It is working when I am in awe. In awe of the subject, the process and the outcome. This does not always happen, so when it does, I like to hope I have contributed a bit of beauty, as I continue to strive for that wonderful place of awe.