Painting A – L

Marlene Lowden

Location – Langdale Website – The process of making art, the physical act of painting, provides the meaning behind my work. Canada’s West Coast, my home, has an enormous influence on my art. I live perched on the edge of the Pacific, smothered in dense rainforest and surrounded by row upon row of Coastal …

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Jennifer Goodwin

Location – Sechelt Website – I was born in the UK, but now reside on the West Coast of Canada beside the Pacific Ocean. I’m a Fine Arts Graduate of Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. My life is for and about art. My studio is a place to relax, expand my mind and …

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Todd Clark

Location – Gibsons Website – For me, painting is about relationships. I feel a connection to a vast collective of creatively-minded people who inspire me; connection to a greater purpose, the spiritual-like component of making art; and, connection to my inner-self which is one place where I find solace and joy. I’m interested in …

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Elizabeth Evans

Location – Gibsons Website – As an Artist I seek to create an emotional response that captures the viewer’s attention and transports them into the painting. My work is representational and therefore the choice of subject is always a key consideration. I paint with bright, bold colours that are applied in “bricks” – each …

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Josefa Fritz Barham

Location – Gibsons Website – “In my eyes, realism becomes abstract if you look at it closely enough. In nature when the sun hits water or shines through trees, the real thing seems suddenly quite abstract. It is like looking at myriad of colours made out of rectangles, circles, rounds, triangles, dots and squares. …

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Mardi – Art Barn

Location – Roberts Creek Website – The art of Mardi Ahmed. Painter, sculptor, visionary. Mardi’s studio The Artbarn in Robert’s Creek is open for viewing her abstract and figurative works in painting and sculpture. Salmon, horses and people fill her canvases.

Sa Boothroyd Gallery

Location – Gibsons Website – Sa’s studio on the government dock in Gibsons shows her whimsical and witty acrylic paintings and prints from her original artwork. You can also find unique works by other local artists in a whimsical style. 604-886-7072

Jennifer Ettinger

Location – Gibsons Website –    604-209-6074   Graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design: I have been fortunate to work as a visual artist since graduating. The images/themes I paint range from sports (exterior/interior of Nat Bailey Stadium/Vancouver) to animal portraits to abstracts. The mediums I use vary …

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Donna Balma

Location – Roberts Creek My work flows from many years of formal practice in art making; the hours invested now enable me to intuitively and instinctively communicate the ideas that inhabit my imagination. Usually I paint, draw or collage; sometimes I make three-dimensional work. I am compelled to continuous artistic exploration, both in my own …

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