Jan Routh

Location: Davis Bay
Website: janmaccormack.com
Instagram: artfromtheheartstudiobc
Facebook: janmaccormackartist

Jan MacCormack Routh is quick to admit how her life’s journey from Ontario to Vancouver Island for healing and growth has affected and inspired her creativity at every turn. The unhealthy lifestyle in the “fast-paced urban jungle” of her coloured past and constant exposure to that innate grit and chaos was what gave birth to the many ‘faces’ of her paintings and have left their fingerprints all over her art works. In an effort to continue achieving the stability and balance she aspires to in her life, Jan moved to the Sunshine Coast. In a heartbeat, the peaceful waters and vivid landscapes, imagery and eclectic inhabitants captured her heart.

Chaos has finally met Tranquility; the evolution in both her life and her art is evident in virtually each one of her beautiful and intriguing art pieces.