WOW Gallery

Location – Gibsons
Sunnycrest Mall

Website –

Proudly representing local artists and artisans, WOW! is a focal point for art in Upper Gibsons. With almost 1,800 square feet of open space, the work of some of the Sunshine Coast’s most respected and bold painters mingles with photography, sculpture, pottery, blown glass, wood carvings and stunning jewelry handcrafted by 6 local smiths.

WOW! is also a platform for the creative efforts of local authors and its book section is growing daily. A modest, but lovingly handpicked inventory of musical instruments and supplies makes WOW! a haven for musicians on the Coast.

Such artistic beauty and creative expressions are made available to the public in a tastefully appointed venue that is becoming a popular meeting point in Gibsons – a dynamic place where everyone is always welcome to drop in and enjoy an organic coffee or exotic tea in our artist’s lounge… a perfect setting to appreciate and support local talent.