February 2017
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Welcome to Sunshine Coast Artists.org!

Sunshine Coast artists from Langdale to Powell River work in all kinds of mediums and styles, from Greta Guzek’s dramatic arbutus trees to Gordon Halloran’s massive ice paintings at the Torino and Whistler Olympic Games.

BC’s Sunshine Coast, just a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, home to hundreds of wonderful artists and craftsmen.

Wander through our creative neighborhood and meet some of our very talented artists and artisans. Visit Sunshine Coast artists by their different mediums on navigation in header or find them by location using the category list on sidebar.

See you around the neighborhood!

Enjoy a lovely YouTube slideshow of more than 120 Sunshine Coast artists and artisans from the Sunshine Coast. Set to music by local musicians, it’s a tranquil and inspiring five minutes.

Thank you Greta Gusek for allowing us to use your image for our logo.