Marlene Lowden

Location – Langdale
Website –

I am an abstract painter. I primarily work in oil and paint my impressions of life. The physical act of painting, the process, is as important to me as colour choice, contrast, composition, and all the “laws” of design and art making.

I believe that my love for the process of painting allows me to create work that is bold, energetic and expressive. In my recent work, I have challenged myself to use strong colour, unusual shapes, and diverse mark making to convey an energy that expresses my ideas. I strive to elicit questions and emotions.
As my experience sharing my work becomes more frequent, it is clear to me that art is a unifying force. It can disband differences and opens the door to discourse.

I am an abstract painter but really, I’m an optimist striving to connect with people through my artwork because I believe that connection creates awareness and understanding.


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