digital imagery

Paula O’Brien

Location-Gibsons Website – Tutorial videos Digital painting is SO exciting, especially for plein air painting and life drawing because the iPad is just SO EASY to take along – anyplace! Personally, I ONLY use digital painting when I can’t use real paints in my studio, like when I’m away from home or out plein …

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Barbara Moustafa

Location – Gibsons Website – I create art digitally using a process called photo manipulation. This is the application of image editing to create an illusion or deception. I use Photo shop as part of my creative process plus my own photography. My favorite subject is Fantasy art…. usually with a darker aspect. I …

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Kasia Krolikowska

Location – Roberts Creek Website – Digital collage, acrylic and mixed media abstract art.

Bodhi Drope

Location – Gibsons Today my focus is on digital art for the printed image. I am also producing a series of videos based on my relationship with the Natural World. Content is based on, looking is not the Art of Seeing . I am also working on a series which captures both the insights I’ve …

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Leanne Penner

Location – Sechelt Website – Leanne Penner’s digital art uses some or all of collaging, photo manipulation, digital illustrations and hand drawings. Digital art opens up a whole new area where you can combine photo’s, illustration and hand drawn art. “I love to capture all the details that make everyone and everything unique. I …

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Stuart Flynn

Location – Roberts Creek Website – Illustration, Retouching and Photoshop are some of my specialties. I studied life drawing for 6 years and have a degree in Illustration. During the 4 year course I studied all types of techniques including air brushing, life drawing, acrylics and print making. Since then I’ve become a lot …

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