Mikel Grant

Mikel Grant Location: Sechelt Instagram: @mikel.grant.jewellery Website: Facebook: mikelgrantjewellery Meticulously hand-crafted jewellery for the creative soul. Because you deserve to shine. At Mikel Grant Jewellery, we know that you aspire to be confident & captivating, comfortable in your own personal sense of style. You choose possessions that represent your uniquely authentic self; pieces that […]

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Margot Hallman

Margot Hallman Location: Sechelt Website: Instagram: Hallmanmargot I am drawn to the meeting of air, land and water and I want to express the endless relationships between these elements in my painting. The west coast of Canada offers me profound inspiration. I want those who see my work to be moved by the vastness

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Carol-Anne Almquist

Carol-Anne Almquist Website – Location – Sechelt After years of dreaming of joining this inspiring and picturesque community we have made the Sunshine Coast our home. With this move my work has evolved to feature naturally – landscapes!

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Colin D. Horabin

Colin D. Horabin Location – Sechelt Website – Colin has been a photographer for 40 years. He has a degree in Photojournalism and has been a member of NPAC (News Photographers Association on Canada) for more than 25 years. He has worked in Germany for a daily newspaper covering breaking news, politics, sporting and

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Jennifer Goodwin

Jennifer Goodwin Location – Sechelt Website – I was born in the UK, but now reside on the West Coast of Canada beside the Pacific Ocean. I’m a Fine Arts Graduate of Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. My life is for and about art. My studio is a place to relax, expand my

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Leanne Penner

Leanne Penner Location – Sechelt Website – Leanne Penner is a Graphic artist, Graphic Designer and Artist who is passionate about everything creative. After traveling to New Zealand to complete her graphic design studies, Leanne has been able to work in various design studio’s, companies and freelance work. This has allowed her to work

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R.B. Wainwright

R.B. Wainwright Location – Sechelt Website – Dreams – Meanings – Consequences – And My Art In the human condition, everything has a meaning – everything has a consequence. We seem to know more of consequences – less of meanings. From this premise, I conclude that life and art for me are circular –

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