R.B. Wainwright

Location – Sechelt
Website – rbwainwright.com

Dreams – Meanings – Consequences – And My Art

In the human condition, everything has a meaning – everything has a consequence. We seem to know more of consequences – less of meanings.

From this premise, I conclude that life and art for me are circular – what goes around eventually comes around – again. again and again. Meanings and consequences are an example. They are not just of the moment, but if not confronted, they are usually repeated – again, again and again.

What does this mean – what do meanings and consequences reveal? The answer might lie within the domain of dreams. It is perhaps through dream symbols that context is given – who we now are, what we have been and what we are yet to be. This is the challenge. Symbols give me the focus that leads to new understandings, new ideas, new discoveries, new images, and most important – new art.