Liz Christian

Liz Christian Location: Gibsons Instagram: lizchristian2025 Website: I create paintings in a raw spontaneous way intuitively without rules or boundaries. My semi abstract expressionism is grounded in the natural world reflecting both it’s excitement and calm. A mixture of the essence of the light and colour of the southwest and immersion of B.C. natures …

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Alisa Drake

Alisa Drake Location: Gibsons Instagram: Alisa.drake_ Youtube: Alisa Drake is a self taught aspiring artist, who lives on the Sunshine Coast. She has painted for two years and finds inspiration from the beaches near her home, which she paints using oil on canvas.

Allan Forest

Allan Forest Location – Sunshine Coast Website – Facebook  – allanforestphotography Twitter – imagexpressions Instagram – allanforestphotography Photography is a medium that allows me the freedom to fly. Unfixed eyes passionately roam, feeling and experiencing life with all the nuances hidden, yet accessible within ordinary existence. The camera is an amazing tool for capturing …

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Greta Guzek

Greta Guzek Website – Location – Gibsons Greta grew up and completed her Fine Arts degree in South Africa. She moved in 1980 to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. where she has since worked from her studio as an illustrator and painter. “Having lived on the west coast for 30 years I feel an …

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Paula O’Brien

Paula O’Brien Location-Gibsons Website – Tutorial videos Digital painting is SO exciting, especially for plein air painting and life drawing because the iPad is just SO EASY to take along – anyplace! Personally, I ONLY use digital painting when I can’t use real paints in my studio, like when I’m away from home or …

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Paula O’Brien

Paula O’Brien Location – Gibsons Website – Instagram – I’m a colorist, I paint the LIGHT. My work has shifted from figurative work to the West Coast world of abstract landscapes, seascapes and digital painting. I see infinite beauty in the world. I look for the energy and light; the light, shapes and …

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David Emerson Hall

David Emerson Hall Website – Location – Gibsons My intention is to bring the viewer a sense of the moment that moved me to pause . The scene could stimulate a reflection on the human condition or one’s relationship with the natural environment . I work intuitively selecting materials that represent the spirit and …

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Graffiti Museum Company

Graffiti Museum Company Website – Location – Gibsons The Graffiti Museum Company is a Gibsons based company. Focusing solely on exposing the deep rooted local graffiti culture. Through history books and art shows we depict over 20 years of graffiti history which the public tends to turn a blind eye too. Our exhibition on …

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Claude Perreault

Claude Perreault Location – Gibsons Website – I’m a self taught artist that got into painting murals to support my family. I’ve been fortunate to have been commissioned to produce murals for clients in many countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Russia, America and, of course, Canada. I work in a variety of …

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