Heather Adams – Windows Gallery

Location – Garden Bay
Website – windowsphotoart.com

Heather Adams (formerly Heather Rule, recently married) is an established photographic artist living and working on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. She has become well known as an artist whose work transcends beyond a study of the objects that appear in the lens, but rather, stretches the eye to capture the sense of light and space surrounding those objects. The viewer tends to be drawn into the scene and moved by the essence of it. Using the artistic concept of “Windows”, her works are framed in aged wood designed as a window frame allowing the viewer to experience the outdoors from within. The beauty and light portrayed in her art extend into the room as if through a window.

WINDOWS gallery in the home of photographer Heather Adams at 4206 Johnston Heights Dr, Garden Bay.

Open weekends and by appt. 11am to 4pm