Joan Barrington – Barrington Brolly

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Joan Barrington - Barrington Brolly

Joan Barrington, owner of Barrington Brolly, turned an early fascination for umbrellas, and hand-held parasols, into a very unique, niche-market business. Using her educational background in marketing-management, and business administration, Joan is now providing a service to a list of international clients, from a wide range of backgrounds. From individuals, to large corporations, Joan provides a truly custom option, when it comes to umbrellas, and hand-held parasols. Her creations have been on stages, from Broadway, in NYC, to those in Los Angeles, as well as a myriad of stages, in between.
Joan also provides a custom service to reenactors, across the USA, and to a lesser degree, those in Australia, and England. In this regard, she also restores authentic antique umbrellas and parasols, from the Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

Reenactors, of the Regency/Renaissance periods, are particularly happy that they can now purchase, from Barrington Brolly, umbrellas and parasols, that more closely reflect those from both time-periods. The umbrellas, and parasols, from those time-periods, can only be replicated, if the frames are custom-made. And this Joan does, using walnut-wood, for the shafts. It is this unique service (making her own frames), that makes Barrington Brolly truly unique, amongst umbrella/parasol businesses, across Canada, and the USA.