Shannon Woode

Location – Gibsons
Website –

I’m not exactly sure where the parameters of an artist’s identity lie.

What I know is that my northern childhood in the 60’s and 70’s was a vast wilderness of freedoms and colonial constraints. It is the land and a natural belonging that gives me my conscious connection with my art. That drives me to paint.

Through the brush strokes a story shows up on the canvas. Informed by the elders and my years as a social worker in small communities that spans 4 decades. Understandings of reconciliation. And an image of God that is described by nature.

I feel the truth that flows through all of us as we leave our creative signature on our lifework. How our creative expression is a means back to our origin where integrity begins. But more than that. This is a personal journey that belongs to each one of us, shaping our politics and providing a universal compass to live by. Collectively building the whole of our nation.